TeenStreet Small Groups

Small groups form the backbone of the TeenStreet Movement. Start leading a small group today.

Worldwide TeenStreet Small Groups

Small Groups

Anywhere in the world, small groups from TeenStreet gather to follow Jesus.

From local churches, to local organisations. Coming together to have fun, go on bold adventures and go deep into the faith.

Have fun. Go deep. Be bold. สนุกเต็ม ไปให้ส จงกล้าหาญ Ha kul. Gå djupt. Var modig. Uwe na furaha. Nenda kina kirefu. Kua jasiri. Habe Spaß. Gehe in die Tiefe. Sei mutig. Ukusekesha. Ukwingila mukati. Ukupama. Pásatelo bien. Profundiza. Sé valiente.

“God healed my knee”

Small Groups have impact

Small groups have impact, changing the lives of people in countries all over the world.

And the best part? You can start or join a small group. We’ll coach you and guide you.

Get trained to start a small group

Ready to start leading your own small group?

We’ve prepared numerous materials, training programs and (online) coaching to help you kick off a group.

Just use the form below or view our resources page. Let’s go!

Start or join a small group

We need your help. Join the TeenStreet Movement in your country and start or join a group.


You’ve got questions?

A small group is a group of around 6-8 people, usually with a leader. Small groups can be part of churches, organizations or directly linked to TeenStreet.

Starting a small group is easy. Just use the form below to get into touch and we’ll help you to start a small group.

Yes, we have a couple of resources available that help you to kickstart a small group. Please check our resources page.

TeenStreet is a worldwide movement of young Jesus Followers, meeting in smaller (and larger) groups anywhere on the globe. The about page will tell you everything you need to know.