Ages: Teenagers born in 2006 – 2011

Being a part of TeenStreet means fellowship with many other teens who are on the same journey as you. At TeenStreet you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have, spend time in the presence of God, worship God with other teens across Europe, learn from the Bible and much more. TeenStreet is exactly as it sounds; it’s a place where you can strengthen your relationship with God and help discover His direction for your life!


Ages: 20+ (Co-coaches can be 18 or 19 years old, if they are with a coach that is 20 or older)

As a coach (small group leader) you will have the opportunity to draw alongside the teens and discover what is on their hearts. You may laugh with them, cry with them, pray with them and help to deepen their friendship with Jesus. You will also have many opportunities to share what Jesus has done in your life. This can be life-changing for the teens. Teens need a role model and mentor to motivate, inspire and challenge them.

At TeenStreet you will be responsible for a small group. This small group will be made up of up to six teens of the same gender. Coaches are responsible for leading these small group times and generally should just take time to ‘be there’ for their teens. If you are 20 years or older and would like to be a coach, you can simply sign up directly.

Ages: 18+ (born in 2006 or before)

This year we are looking again for people to take part in various tasks in the Service Team. 

Shops (Kiosk, Fruitstand, IceCream shop, Funfood, T-ShirtShop, bookstore, e.g.)

-CleanStreet (tidying up and cleaning)

-Drinks and beverages (Coffebar, Mocktailbar, StaffCafé)

-Dininghall (Dishwashing, serving, kitchen e.g.)

-KidsStreet (Daycare, program and play with kids)

-Security (Around the area, Mainhall, pools e.g)

-Office (Info-desk, Day-guest registration, TS-office, TS-Bank e.g))

-Sports and activities (Football, basketball, competitions e.g.)

-Technical (IT, Electricity, e.g.)

For more information, please contact your TS office or