April 22-23, 2022  /  Virtual Event

UNFOLD: “The unfolding of your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple.” Psalm 119:130

The Psalms are a collection of songs and poems which show us some stunning movements and transitions. From darkness to light, discouragement to hope, mourning to joy, the Psalms show us examples of transformation – moving from one state or emotion to another. They give us some really practical keys to living steady, strong and full of purpose.

At TeenStreet this year we will unfold the Word of God together, grow in understanding and discover more about our purpose and identity as followers of Jesus. Don’t miss it!

Small Groups:

Grab your small group and plan to gather for this virtual conference. As a small group you will have full access + Small Group Leadership Coaching. 

Cost: $3.00 USD per person – Payment can be made by via cash of check by contacting your local OM office HERE.


Want to gather your church to join the movement of young Jesus followers? Register today to receive full access to the virtual conference + event coaching.  

Cost: Groups of 20+ contact your local OM Office HERE.