Core Values

At TeenStreet we believe that teens are to be taken seriously. Their dreams and their struggles; they are the leaders of tomorrow we need to invest in. That is why TeenStreet exists.


We want to make a lasting impact in the lives of teenagers. This means helping teens to understand and come to their own decisions rather than telling them what they must do. Small groups and personal study are a vital part of helping teens to apply the teaching to their own lives.


We want teens to have a real relationship with God and healthy relationships with other people. We aim to love God and love each other at TeenStreet. We will provide opportunities for teens to develop their friendship with Jesus, their relationship with other teens and their relationships with trusted adults.


We want to raise up a generation of people who trust God to use them now, not only in some remote future. We want teenagers to be able to serve God in many different ways, using their own gifting and passions. This is about doing things together for God and a hurting world!


Small Group Teenstreet

“TeenStreet is more than just a camp experience, it is raising a generation of young people who know Jesus and are equipped to share His love with the world.”

TeenStreet is about discipleship. That is why the gravity of the event lies in the small groups (NETs). It is there that teens discover how living with Jesus impacts their live and the lives of the people around them. It invites them to really take part in the mission that Jesus has for everyone.

Discipleship structure

We want everyone to be discipled, and to disciple others in return. To sustain this we use a structure where teens from 13-17 are in same sex small groups with a coach. This coach is usually 21+. To be able to also properly support, guide and train the coaches, every six to eight coaches are discipled by a mentor couple.

Not for the special ones

Sometimes being a Jesus follower has been separated from making Jesus followers. We believe that is not possible. Without being salt and light, you rather be called a Jesus fan. We want to challenge the younger generation to take part in Jesus’ mission.

From event to movement

We use an event as an accelerator, but we want to be a movement. The event is an important place where DNA gets transferred; it is a pressure cooker for challenging the existing culture. Having the teens for one week a year, for some consecutive years, is a great opportunity to speak into their lives. We encourage teens to continue their journey at home and we are putting more and more energy in fuelling the movement throughout the year.

Elements of Discipleship

We identified the terms inspire, equip and connect as the primary drivers for discipleship.


We are the examples they want to follow, and tell real stories that stir a longing in their hearts. They need to see what following Jesus really means.


Teens are to be taken seriously, they are the now taking over the world and the church. We spend time to build them up so they reach their potential.


We are called to reach the world, starting with our peers. We have a global worldview, let our hearts burn for the lost and reach out to people close and far.


The key to the TeenStreet atmosphere, where teens feel safe and inspired to really connect with each other and God, is in these three elements.

Have fun

We believe we need to have fun, create history together, to be at ease and to be able to open up. We believe there is a lot of entertainment in their lives, but we want to be a place where they have true fun.

Go deep

The small groups facilitate us to be real and go deep, in order to let God speak into their lives. They encourage and cheer for each other. It is a safe place to share their thoughts and to grow.

Be bold

Teens are encouraged to find their own path with God and to reach out to the people around them. By giving teens a challenge, they know they matter and don't get bored. God wants to use them.