FAQs & Important Info

Dates & Times

When will TeenStreet Life 2020 begin?

The TeenStreet Life event will kick off at 17:00 (5pm) on Tuesday 4th August and finish at around 21:00 (9pm) on Saturday 8th August. There will be a 2 hour Interact session in the mornings on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and an evening session each day from 17:00 – 21:00 (5-9pm).

Checkout the “Schedule” tab above or on the main page for more details.

For Groups

How can we join TeenStreet Life as a group?

We desire to support youth groups throughout Europe by offering a TeenStreet-style program that everyone can use for themselves and according to their options, legal freedoms, and group size. We have created a program that gives each group the option to assemble according to its own needs, that has spiritual depth without overcomplicating preparation time.

Please find more information in the ‘For Groups’ tab or on the ‘For Groups’ page.


How much will TeenStreet Life cost?

The registration fee for all people is 25 euros. There are discounts available for groups.
Registration will be open on June 15! And will close on 17th July.

What do I get for my registration fee?

Your registration fee grants you access to view the livestreamed evening program, including Main Hall and Throne Room. It also gives you access to a personalised online NET group where you can chat, learn and grow with your Coach and other teens.

Also included in your registration is access to all the exclusive online seminars which will feature inspiring speakers from around the world.

If TeenStreet Life is online – why is there a registration fee at all?

We would love to offer TeenStreet for free, but the reality is that going online has its own associated costs. We have to cover the costs of hosting all the data that is being streamed, the professional video conferencing fees and a host of other costs related to having licences to stream music and lyrics.

Please be assured that we have tried to make the registration fee as low as we can to make it affordable for everyone.

Throne Room will be free for all who do not register.

Will I get a refund if my situation changes?

If you register and pay, but for some reason you’re unable to participate in TeenStreet Life, you will receive a 50% refund if you let us know before the close of registration on 17th July.
After 17th July, there will be no refunds for registration fees.

Still have questions?

My question isn’t answered on this page, how can i get an answer?

We are here to help, please email your question to TS in your country. You can find the contact details for each country on the Contact page.


TeenStreet is more than an event. It is a movement of young people discovering abundant life with Jesus in connection with others.