TeenStreet+ Box


Get the most out of TeenStreet 2021 with the TS+ Box, with different variations possible:

  1. TS+ LOCAL Box: up to 50 participants
  2. TS+ Regional Box: up to 100 participants
  3. TS+ Add on Box: (for 100 participants, if more than 100 participants)
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The TS+ Box includes the following (download the sheet with quantities here):


  • TS+ Magazines for Bible Studies
  • Map and instruction for TS Boulevard
  • How to decorate: Check-in and Stage in “Mainhall”
  • Ideas for: Games & competitions, Outreaches & Seminars & Workshops
  • Recipes for: Mocktails, Sundae ice cream & TS-Burgers etc.

Event Equipment

  • Gobo Projector (Video)
  • 2 LED Spot Lights
  • Key Visual: String Art Burning Bush
  • TS Posters & Banners
  • Signs for Event site
  • Cushions
  • TS+ T-Shirt
  • TS+ Lanyards
  • TS+ Wristbands
  • TS+ Bottle
  • TeenStreet Ketchup
  • Colors for Art-zone


  • Moses Card Game
  • TS Skat
  • TS Role Play
  • TS Game “Reach me if you can”
  • Sports Vests (only regional)
  • Frisbees for Frisbee Golf
  • Spike Ball
  • Kubb
  • Disposable Camera

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TS+ Local Box, TS+ Regional Box, TS+ Add-on Box