TeenStreet Life 2020

August 4 to 8


TeenStreet Life 2020

We are thrilled to invite you into an exciting opportunity to stay connected to Jesus and Jesus followers in your community and around the world. Even though we will not meet at an event in 2020, we are excited to connect with one another through TeenStreet Life!

You can find country specific details and contact info on the contact page.

What is

TeenStreet Life 2020 all about?

You are invited to join us as we launch the start of our international community that is designed to lead you, equip you, and encourage you as we journey together with Jesus.

For groups

TeenStreet 2020 for groups and churches

Is there anything better than motivating and enabling young people to live a true friendship with Jesus so that they reflect Him daily in their lives? This is what drives us at TeenStreet!

For more than 25 years, TeenStreet has been taking place every summer in Germany with about 4000 participants from all over Europe.

But for this year we would like to offer you and your youth group a programme instead, which has been completely redesigned both as an online version and for a meeting at your location.

We asked ourselves, how can we support youth groups in Europe to thaw out of the lockdown and social-distancing period? By offering a TeenStreet-style programme that everyone can use on their own, according to their own possibilities, legal freedoms and group size. We want to offer different modules so that each group can build their own program. But the whole thing must be a program that has spiritual depth but does not take forever to prepare.

TeenStreet Life can be participated in various forms, depending on your local restrictions:

The main program components:

17:00-17:40 Curious? Main Program

During Curious? (‘Curious?’ is this year’s TeenStreet theme), the TeenStreet speaker team leads the Bible studies on the day’s theme with several creative contributions. (The program will be synchronously translated into German, but is also available in the original English version).

17:40 -20:00 Flexible block with content

Everyone can plan this time for themselves. According to TeenStreet culture, the following elements are planned:

  • Shhh time: at least 15 minutes of silence to reflect on the Bible study, listen to God, and rest.
  • Big Adventure (approx. 60 min): Here, your small groups (NET groups) explore the daily topic in more depth together.  The Big Adventure offers personal questions and further explanations, which are answered in the small group or by each participant individually. Each small group should be led by a group leader.
  • Dinner: because nothing works with an empty stomach!

20:00 – 20:45 Throne Room

The Throne Room is our time of worship with reflections on the topic of the day. This part is done by the TeenStreet band from the Faroe Islands. As the Faroe Islands are coronavirus free, they can meet a few hundred people and create the Throne Room atmosphere.

Additional program elements:

Webinars and workshops:

In the morning, there will be webinars and workshops on various spiritual, but also fun, topics.

Sponsored run
Missionary commitment

We’ll also give you a list of ideas and suggestions for how you and your youth group can organise the mornings and afternoons.

Possible daily schedule:

In the morning


  • Start the day together
  • Reflect on the main points from the previous day’s Curious? programme
  • Sports
  • Games/Challenges
  • Chill out
  • Offer your own seminars/workshops (can you get people from the community to take part?


  • Various TeenStreet webinars, art and sports
  • Insta Challenge

Afternoon // Offline

  • Missionary commitment, action of charity
  • Sports
  • Chill out
  • Offer your own seminars/workshops  (can you get people from the community to take part?)
  • Collection of ideas for games and interaction

Evening // Online // International Program

  • 17:00 – 17:40 Curious? main programme
  • 17:30 – 20:00 Shhh time, Big Adventure, Dinner
  • 20:00 – 20:45 Throne Room, re-visit Daytime theme
  • 21:00 – ?? After-program: Cocktails, chill out…


Individual Access:

  • 5 evenings TeenStreet Throne Room
  • Online platform
  • Online program with Bible studies
  • Online small group with small group leader
  • Online webinars and workshops
  • TeenStreet Online Package
  • Online Prayer Team and pastoral care team
  • TeenStreet Magazine with Bible studies

Group package:

  • TeenStreet group package
  • 5 evenings online program with Bible studies
  • Online platform
  • 5 evenings TeenStreet online Throne Room
  • Small group and small group leader on site
  • Online webinars and workshops
  • TeenStreet Online Package
  • Prayer team and pastoral care team on site or online
  • TeenStreet Magazine with Bible studies
  • Missionary outreach, sponsored run & other activities on site
  • TeenStreet idea package


TeenStreet is more than an event. It is a movement of young people on a journey to discover abundant lives with Jesus while connecting with others.