In Mainhall we will enjoy Bible teaching, worship, dance, games and much more. This time is for everyone to gather together.
A moment of total silence all over the site. This is a time to enjoy the silence, God’s presence, and listen to His voice.
This time is for you and your Small Group. You will talk, pray, study the Bible and ask questions together. You will also spend some time alone with God, studying the Bible, talking to God and listening to Him.
INTERACT 1.0 & 2.0
A time to interact with each other. You can choose from various activities, including sports, Art Zone, sessions & workshops, etc. This is also a time to just hang out with friends with snacks and beverages.
Throne Room is one of the highlights of TeenStreet! Enjoy meeting with God, spending time in His presence and worshipping Him with music and in prayer. There will be people ready to pray with you in your language during and after Throne Room.
Hang out with your Small Groups and friends. Get some snacks from the Fun Food stalls, buy some TeenStreet merchandise to take back home, listen to music and play some games before you head off to the last Small Group time and get some rest for the next day.

Etkileşime girmek

Interact 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 are full of activities through which you can meet new people, learn more about yourself and about God, and explore all kinds of different topics.

TeenStreet Village

The TeenStreet Village is the heart of the TeenStreet event site. Here you can grab some food, play sports, engage with global missions and visit the exhibitors stands. There will also be opportunities to participate in sessions & workshops, as well as worshipping and praying together.


We offer a wide variety of sports on-site such as basketball, volleyball and football. The sports team have organised many games and tournaments throughout the week. There will also be opportunities to have fellowship and pray together on the sports field and on the sidelines.

Art Zone

Some people enjoy expressing themselves through art rather than with words. We believe art can be an act of worship too! In the Art Zone you will be able to learn some new techniques, paint, draw, and create with your hands. The team has also prepared some fantastic practical workshops for you.

Music Zone

If music is your thing, don’t forget to check out the Music Zone. Here you can develop your musical knowledge, worship together and jam with other musicians.

Prayer Zone

Take some time out to connect with the Father in prayer. Here you can experience and learn various ways of praying and have someone pray with you.

Interaction Zone & Quiet Area

The Interaction Zone is like the living room of TeenStreet. Hang out with friends, play board games, relax on the sofas or challenge someone in a game. This is also a good space if you’re looking for some peace and quiet.

sosyal yardım

This week you will be able to go into the city in groups and share your faith in many ways. After you come back from the outreach, you will have time to debrief what you have experienced. This is a great opportunity to be bold!

Sessions and Workshops

We offer a wide variety of sessions and workshops during Interact. These include panel talks, teaching and practical workshops. You will have the opportunity to go deeper into a variety of topics, share your thoughts and maybe even learn a new skill.

RAG – Raise and Give

On Monday (day 3), the RAG race will take place during Interact 1.0 and 2.0. Don’t forget to gather sponsors and raise money for some great causes around the world.

RAG – Raise and Give

RAG is the fundraising at TeenStreet. Before and during every TeenStreet, we raise funds to support good causes that will positively impact youth in Europe and beyond. Money is raised through our RAG race and other activities during the week.

2024 we will be raising money for the following projects:

Spark Center, Greece

The Spark Center is the first youth center to exist in Thessaloniki, Greece and it is a joint initiative started by OM Greece and YWAM Thessaloniki. Spark Center is a shared community space that exists for the youth in Thessaloniki to be equipped, discover their gifts and develop dreams. The focus of Spark is to create a safe space for young people to experience the love of God, to mobilise and strengthen young Christians in using their gifts for God’s kingdom, and to create a platform for young people who have a passion to start a ministry project.

The money raised for Spark Center will be used to provide discipleship and mentoring to young people in Thessaloniki, as well as planning youth events and renovating the community space.

Youngstars International

Together with local churches, Youngstars opens leisure time clubs/groups for kids and teenagers to share the Gospel in a holistic way through experiential learning methods. In this way the youngstars (as we like to call the kids and teens) are introduced to Jesus through experiencing Him in the activities presented by the clubs. These experiences are designed to convey the full Gospel message and when opening the Bible after such an experience, the young person has more than just head knowledge. Similarly to a DBS (Discovery Bible Study), the young people are challenged to go and do and obey the Word, so our youngstars are also challenged to live out their faith actively.

Outdoor activities, hiking, rock climbing, various sport activities, scouting, pioneer construction, campfires and camps are all contextualized evangelical messages in the Youngstars ministry. Youngstars also has a seven-tier training system where youth are discipled and leaders are raised up to serve in the local church and to see the gospel reach the ends of the earth.

The money raised for Youngstars will primarily be used for training events in Cuba, Hungary, Moldova, Ukraine, Italy, Poland and Bulgaria.


Supporting Teens around the World

Throughout the years we have seen how TeenStreet has impacted teens in Europe, and how they have been impacting their environment and beyond. We also want to see teens in other parts of the world grow in their personal relationship with Jesus, to have a spiritual impact and to reach out with the love of Jesus in their own country. We believe this is possible through TeenStreet and we dream of growing TeenStreet in Europe and also starting new TeenStreets around the world, so that teens in these countries really can make a difference. These funds will be directed to the TeenStreet International Multiplication Fund and to the TeenStreet Europe Fund. Part of these funds will also be used to help make it possible for

underprivileged teenagers in Europe to come to the European event, for example teenagers from Ukraine.

2024s Programme


Frida Makar (Sweden)

Ronald deGraaf (Netherlands)

Quentin Traenkle (France)

Joel and Madi Lowry (Sweden/USA)

Speacial Guest: Elle Limebear

TeenStreet Band